I am a front-end web designer based in Belgium. I have a passion for web design and usability and love to create for the web and mobile devices.

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What I can do.

Web Design & UI Design

I love to create web designs, email designs, and UI designs that are easy and simple to use. I focus on clear layouts, simple and hierarchical typography and concise content conveying just the message you want.

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Web Development

I am also able to develop my designs into web code, so I know how to make your website or email look its best across all devices using the latest technologies available.

HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Sass Bootstrap WordPress SVG Foundation for Email Git Gulp

Graphic Design

I am passionate about graphic design and love to design logotypes, icons, branding materials, newsletters, etc. Every day I am reading books or watching videos on graphic design topics to enhance my skills and get inspired. I am also a type and typography addict.

Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Designing Glyphs

What I’ve been up to.

Here is a selection of some work I did.

Web Design and Development

Vereniging ElektroHyperSensitiviteit Vlaanderen


This is a website for an association of people suffering from electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which is an allergy to electromagnetic fields. I designed the website in Sketch and used Bootstrap 4 and Sass to create the custom responsive theme for the WordPress content management system.

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Macbook Pro with vehs.be website on screen iPhone with vehs.be website on screen

Liesbeth Tempelaere


This is the previous portfolio website of a graphic designer (my daughter!). The web design and illustrations were created by her. I coded the website using CSS animations and jQuery to create the page transitions. I made extensive use of viewport units and SVG graphics resulting in a special full-page responsive design. I also created the responsive portfolio section making extensive use of jQuery and several other JavaScript libraries to achieve the different required designs and functionalities.

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Macbook Pro with liesbethtempelaere.com website on screen iPhone with liesbethtempelaere.com website on screen

Coming Soon


This was the Coming Soon page for this website. I created the design in the browser using Bootstrap 4 and Sass. Logo's were created in Illustrator and exported as SVG graphics. I created several CSS animations for the logo, the Ken Burns effect on the background image, some hover effects on the social media icons, and the subscription form. I made use of a JavaScript library for the countdown flipclock (FlipClock.js) which I adjusted to fit the design and make it responsive.

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Macbook Pro with Coming Soon website on screen iPhone with Coming Soon website on screen

Mark Tempelaere


This very website and my portfolio. I designed the website using Sketch and used Bootstrap 4 and Sass to create the single page website. I made use of the ScrollSpy library which is incorporated in Bootstrap to control the single page navigation. The scroll animations are triggered using the Waypoints.js library. I used Animate.css for the actual animations. I also used Snap.svg for some SVG animations.

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Macbook Pro with marktempelaere.com website on screen iPhone with marktempelaere.com website on screen

Voetbedevaart Londerzeel


This is an older website I designed and created back in 2008. It is a website for an association of people who undertake a yearly pilgrimage from Londerzeel to Scherpenheuvel, a well-known place of pilgrimage devoted to Our Lady in Belgium. In 2009 I created a custom PHP-based content management system for this website using TinyMCE for the back-end user interface, allowing the people of the association to update their website. I will redesign this website and make it responsive in the upcoming months.

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Macbook Pro with voetbedevaart.be website on screen

Graphic Design

Vereniging ElektroHyperSensitiviteit Vlaanderen

Logo Design

After creating many hand-drawn sketches to explore different designs, I designed this logo using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Pixatos Web & Design

Logo Design

I designed this logo for my own web design business using Adobe Illustrator CC.

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